Making the routine more interesting

I’m very proud to have something in this month’s PRSA Tactics about writing. I think the piece turned out well and I got some great advice from sources quoted in the article.

After I wrote the piece I was struck by a great example of making routing content more interesting. If you’ve been on a Delta flight the past few years, you’ve seen the subtle humor woven into the safety videos. The high-cheekboned, finger-waving flight attendant featured in the videos (Deltalina) has become a minor celebrity (she even has a Twitter account – @deltalina). I think this is a nice example of a brand not taking itself too seriously and having an appropriate amount of fun with a dry topic.

See the video here. And remember, smoking is nooooot allowwwed on any Delta flight!



You Get What You Pay For

I’ve ventured over to the seemingly endless array of sites offering freelance writing opportunities. I am shocked at what some organizations are offering to pay for, what I assume they hope, is “good” content. We’re talking .5 cents a word. $75 for a 700-word article. Ugh.

I wonder what $75 gets these companies. Something clever, well-thought out, well researched, quoting REAL human beings? I doubt it. More than likely $20 buys you a collection of Internet research from dubious sources. But, hey, at least you’re “content marketing.” This kind of “Content Marketing” prompted Kent Lewis to make “creating content for content’s sake” one of the 9 Marketing Strategies You Must Stop Using – Now.

I get that not everyone can do the gee-whiz stuff we see from RedBull and others. But, it’s very possible you don’t need that. What you do need are good, true stories about the great things your company offers. You need to put a face on your people. You need to share customer successes. That might be as simple as doing a Q&A with a long-time front-line employee. Or, develop a relationship with a good freelance writer who knows your business and pay them fairly. Good content takes time and research. And, that takes money.