Mommy rap

I’m a writer, so “content” to me usually means words on a page or screen. But this campaign from Fiat featuring a video with an English suburban mom doing rap, is really clever. This is the kind of fun content that could get some traction on “Mommy” blogs and has lots of great jumping off points to engage consumers – perhaps a contest to see which mom can do the best version of a rap for a chance to win a Fiat. I believe Fiat plans to import the 500 L (a grown-up version of the tiny Cinquecenta) and it will be interesting to see if the brand rolls out a similar campaign here in the states. Image

Editorial Calendars: A New Year’s Resolution

Happy New Year! Starting a new year means (or at least used to mean, pre-digital days) hanging up a new calendar. Each month featured a different seasonally-appropriate photo of pumpkins, tulips, snow-capped mountains etc. This got me thinking about editorial calendars and I was surprised to read this post from my friend Joe Pulizzi at the Content Marketing Institute that points many marketers don’t use an editorial calendar. WOW! Not only do editorial calendars keep you focused on developing and curating content that’s relevant to your audience, you can use the calendar to tie content to seasonal terms that pop up in search. During last year’s Content Marketing World I learned Kraft Foods religiously plans their editorial offerings tied to what people are likely to each each season (it’s no surprise that low-calorie foods are a hit this time of year!).

So, whether you prefer the paper calendar with pictures of cute kitties throughout the season, use something digital or scrawl something on a hotel notepad, make editorial planning a New Years resolution you keep. Look at what’s coming up during the year (trade shows, events, etc) and set those as your anchors. Then look ways you can tie your content to seasonal events. Naturally, that is more appropriate in some industries than others. I certainly can go on, but I recommend you read this post from Copyblogger to get a good primer on planning.

Still need help? Contact me! I’d be happy to lead your team in a planning session!


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Yet another best-of

ImageAs we wrap up 2012, add this to the pile of ‘best of’ articles to read. Ad Age shows us a collection of some of the better “native advertising”/content marketing campaigns of the year. One thing to not about each of these campaigns – they fit in nicely with the brand they represent. I saw Red Bull’s printed magazine the other day while waiting for my car to be finished at the shop and was really impressed – it totally reflects the hyper-caffeinated lifestyle of every Red Bull drinker I’ve met. What are your favorite content marketing campaigns of ’12?

Recent cool stuff I’ve done

001_12-12-24_5D_3931 E-806 LO RES 2I’ve edited and managed everything from short e-newsletters to multi-page color publications. Here are some examples of my work.

Lux Today was a newsletter for all U.S. based Luxottica retail associates. The publication effectively connected associates scattered around thousands of retail locations to the parent company. It was honored with a Cincinnati PRSA Blacksmith in 2010. Lux_Today_August_FA_

Northern magazine was redesigned during my tenure as editor – the publication helped celebrate the stories of the Northern Kentucky University’s 40,000 alumni. The magazine increased alumni support for the university, and received high marks in readership surveys. I was editor from 2005-2010. I also developed the first online edition of the magazine, which featured Web extras and additional content.

The NKU Alumni e-newsletter helped drive a 30-percent increase in the number of members of the unversity’s online alumni community.

The Scroll is Phi Delta Theta fraternity’s magazine. I edit the publication as a freelancer and consulted in a complete overhaul of the publication in 2005. The magazine has helped drive the successful launch of a lifetime membership program, a new revenue source for the organization.

LasikPLUS tapped me for content development work to help answer prospective LASIK patient’s questions prior to getting the procedure.

The killer app

I was connecting with an internal communications colleague the other day and he was asking how he can cut through the clutter and get associates to read his intranet. If I had the answer, I’d be out consulting and making enough bank to pay for one of these. But the discussion got me thinking and looking at our intranet and I realize ANY time we feature an associate’s story we get lots of comments and a higher view count. We often joke that we should sneak annual enrollment info in these stories. It’s a reminder that whatever you’re writing – find the human and find the story!